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At BBG we leverage mobile, static, and UAV LiDAR as a starting point for base mapping applications, supplemented with conventional survey methods.  This approach to base mapping allows for quicker project timelines, increased safety for field staff, and extremely detailed mapping products.   

Large and Small Projects

The leadership at BBG has experience leveraging technology for both small and large scale projects.  Projects ranging from a few hundred feet in length to hundreds of miles of complex roadways.  Technology is changing the world we live in and the way we survey.  BBG embraces these changes and is constantly striving for the next best way to survey!

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We Can Handle Your Surveying Project

BBG is consistently asked to map projects with an extremely compressed timeline.  LiDAR technology allows us to quickly and efficiently collect large amounts of data in a very short timeframe, enabling us to deliver projects extremely fast when compared to traditional techniques.

If time is your issue, BBG and LiDAR is your solution.

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