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BBGeomatics uses cutting-edge LiDAR technology with decades of industry expertise to deliver high-quality work for our clients. We offer competitive pricing and rates and can meet your project deadline on time.

Mobile LiDAR

BBG leverages the combination of Leica Pegasus TRK and Pegasus II Mobile LiDAR systems for our mobile mapping assignments.  These systems allow BBG to collect 50-100 miles of roadway data in a single day’s deployment.  This data is then post-processed, tied to ground control targets (DOT applications) cataloged, and put into mapping production, typically within a day of collection.  In some cases, our clients re-visit the data for new mapping days, months, and years after collection.  This is especially helpful in the telecom markets, allowing our customers to deliver service at a greatly accelerated rate by having the roadways already collected and ready for mapping.

TRK Pathfinder
Static LiDAR

Static LiDAR

BBG employs static LiDAR for smaller projects and projects that require a different approach.  Additionally, static LiDAR is sometimes employed to enhance mobile LiDAR in areas where mobile LiDAR was not able to fully cover the project requirements.  BBG also utilizes static LiDAR to map the inside of underground storm and sewer manholes.  This approach to measuring pipe sizes, materials, and invert elevations far exceeds traditional methods.

Static LiDar
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Cutting-Edge LiDAR Technology

BBG also employs UAV-equipped technology in certain situations.  This method allows for detailed ground terrain mapping in vegetated environments, rooftop mapping for telecom applications, and also enhancement of project corridors where mobile LiDAR doesn’t fully cover the project limits.


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